What you call French fries when you want to be really patriotic (read: moronic).
I love Freedom Fries and God bless America!!
by ~souba~ November 18, 2005
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Words for eat this and don't try to back talk the USA. Used by the idiocy of america, a republican who wants to move the sheep of America into Isolation and Stupidity. A cracker who wants to share fries.
Would you like to eat my small fries. No, I would like you to poison yourself. Join the military, you'll enjoy a good forgetful death.
by Webster May 09, 2003
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Part of a pathetic attempt to reduce France's status because it doesn't support an unjust and imperialistic war. Those who invented this term seem to have forgotten that France gave us the Statue of Liberty and a huge chunk of territory known as the Louisiana Purchase. Not to mention that America would still be a British colony if it weren't for the French. Come to think of it, the world would be better off if there wasn't any United States.
french fries -> freedom fries
french toast-> freedom toast
french kiss -> freedom kiss
peking duck -> democracy duck
guinea worm -> liberty worm
turkey -> independence bird
world -> America
inspections -> war
statesmanship -> war
diplomacy -> war
peace -> war
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the word every true patriot calls those tasty snacks we all love. Go America I love freedom, my truck, toby keith and making fun of minorities hoo yeah! F those homos in other parts of the world that don't love america like I do whoo Hoo! let's go play some football. Not that faggot european crap but the good ol' american game i love it!
lets go to IHOP and Gets some freedom fries and freedom toast.
by Patriot 1776 January 31, 2005
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The worst idea for making the people of the U.S. look patriotic ever.
Why would George W. Bushwah get the idea that French fries were actually named after the French anyway, which is beside the fact that there are many people in the U.S. that have French heritage.
by Light Joker June 25, 2004
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