a combination of frozen and raspberry. A quick and affective way to order a frozen raspberry during rushed meetings with McDonalds.
Hi, could I please have a frazz?
by topcat1000 October 16, 2010
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Super Boss Rock Band from Seattle Washington.
Very popular in the Seattle club/party scene in the 1980's

Marty" The Frazz" Frasu recently released a new song "Dance With Me" you can download it for free here from iTunes.
They wont let links be inserted. Go to iTunes and search for The Frazz it's a free podcast/song

It's dirty 3 chord rock.

The perfect antidote for over-produced kiddie music.
I love the new song by THe Frazz "Dance With Me"
by Plucko August 12, 2009
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a very bumm lad who is often found in the streets of wolverhampton, u may recognise dis species by da blonde spikey hair or his cross earing lmaoooo
fuahh he luks bare fit. yeeee dats frazz
by dan gleeballs March 26, 2008
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