1) (n)-One who epitomizes the fratty lifestyle. Usually but not limited to southern fraternity members who sports the fratty look and acts fratty in all aspects of life. Required characteristics consist of tailgating, drinking, sporting fratty gear like boat shoes, polos, bowties, pastel shorts, rainbows, and croakies. Fratstars are usually found macing on sorostitutes or broing with fellow fratstars.

2) (adj.)-usually used to describe freshman who are super fratty and would fit in perfectly in the frat scene
by fratdaddy-nix October 18, 2008
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A male or female who audaciously emulates all the virtues of the definition of the word "frat."

How to detect a Fratstar:
a. Frat goggles (sunglasses) with Croakies
b. Sperry shoes
c. Popped collar of a Polo shirt
d. Short khakis
e. Pastel colors
f. Bowtie (sometimes)
g. Outgoing cocky attitude
h. Expensive designer gear (i.e. Coach, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Lilly, Lacoste, etc.)
I. sometimes the person in question my have gelled hair.
A fratstar is a person person who looks and acts outragiously "fratty."

Usually your typical frat boy or girl is named either Todd or Katie, who fit the description above.
by Davemanasu November 15, 2007
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a member of the Pike Gamma Rho chapter at Northwestern
The fratstars reside in the Pike house.
by Thig Ep January 24, 2009
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(noun) A medical illness resulting from excessive fratting, beer pong, fist pumping, and make-outs with one's pledge brothers.

Symptoms include: hoarse voice, whooping cough, excessive phlegm (usually with discoloration), shaking of the head, and memory loss.

There is no known cure.
"Yo dude, what's wrong with that guy? He's been coughing all day and won't stop talking about last night."

"He was at the frat castle all night. Looks like a classic case of Fratstaritis."
by Rad Dudes with Attitudes February 1, 2014
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Absolute baller that is the coolest fucking dude you know. Can tank alcohol like it’s nothing and pulls the hottest girls by the end of the night. You strive to be this man
Yo man did you see Brody shotgun that four loko last night?

Yeah man it was nuts. I saw him with some hot ass chick two hours later. Dudes an absolute fratstar
by depressed anemic March 23, 2020
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Being a confident tool who thinks he's in a frat but he is actually a noodle.
Spencer Shitfield (the face of High school Fratstarism)
by Noodle mcdoodle September 30, 2013
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