A very, very popular album released by one of the greatest prog rock bands of all time, Yes in 1971. Yes' fourth album included the introduction of keyboard wizard, Rick Wakeman (also played for Black Sabbath) and the great single hit, "Roundabout". A musical masterpiece!
"Roundabout" from Fragile is great man, but I love "South Side of the Sky" better....
by Dead Head June 29, 2005
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"Fragile" is a term commonly used by kids on the street. It means "awesome" or "cool".
Kid on the street 1: Check out my new phone...
Kid on the street 2: Man, that is proper fragile!
by TheCoolestNerd October 19, 2012
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yt ppl are full of it, see bullshit such as “all lives matter”. yt ppl hate not being the good guys so they just couldn’t be having none of that
goddamn yt fragility makes me laff
by stellaohlala February 27, 2021
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If something has a high level of fragility, then it is highly fragile.
by Sonic2276 July 13, 2011
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A group or flock of white Karen's.

Similar to how a group of Crows is refered to as "a murder of Crows," a group of Karen's is refered to "a fragility of karens."
"I was walking my dog in the park but a fragility of karens started wailing like crazy, acting like my dog was a fire breathing dragon, trying to get me in trouble."
by ChaeShamae May 15, 2021
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when exposing black peoples racism they respond by claiming black people cannot be racist as a way of deflection
ayo i can't be racist mah niggah cuh im black! ~ example of black fragility
by wakandankang December 27, 2021
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Displays of Black fragility are but not limited to 1. having a hard time dealing with the truth behind most Black stereotypes.

2. Distorted sense of reality.

3. The delusion of Black “supremacy”.

4. Calling foul(racism) when things don’t go their way.

5. Not contributing to a project/s but expecting equal stakes, reminds me of the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.

6. Easily triggered when faced with facts, or called out on their ways …

7. Wanting to be held to “lower”standards

8. Holding themselves & other groups of people to double standards.
Examples of Black fragily & the distorted sense of reality:

“Black men are kings/ Black women are queens”
“Black people can’t be racist.”

Examples of Black fragility & the double standards:
‘Causing harm, using derogatory terms to address people but having a hard time being on the receiving end.’
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