1) noun - a type of nonsense that is spoken, often by accusation (see example).
2) adjective - * due to the primative environment which words such as 'fraff' are used, it is hard to distugnuish between the adjectival form of the word and the noun; however, something may be described as being 'fraff'. When referring to an idea or statement of somebody, the word will adopt a meaning implying untruthfulness, and perhaps indicating the unwillingness of the person on the receiving end to accept the idea as being sensible.
1) "Stop chatting fraff, and get on with it."

2) "It was all fraff, he doesn't know what he's talking about."
by mc silence June 10, 2003
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(noun): The frothy foam which accumulates on a beach adjacent to a polluted or dirty body of water.
The beaches near Hull are disgusting, they're always covered in fraff.
by Lamsey September 4, 2007
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Fraff is when someone is talking rubbish . Fraff also has a scale which is measured Knots
dan said " stop talking Fraff" jo said "yeah mate you must of hit at least 12 knots just then"
by dannytbrapbraponthe1time June 11, 2009
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when u blow your nose violently without a tissue directly onto the ground after a night of doing a lot of blow.
1. bro, I have to fraff, I was doing blow all night.
2. that guy is standing at the bus stop fraffing in front of everyone.
fraff, fraffing
by LorenzoRoc February 8, 2021
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