a village full of toffee nosed wankers, who can't park and think they are better than anyone else, despite the fact that they have never worked. Also known for the pikey canal boaters who reguarly rob your house and masturbate in bushes. Foxton people also enjoy swingers parties at the local church.
I hate those fudge packers in foxton

That fucking wanker just stopped in the middle of the road
by rose protein December 6, 2010
A Reverse Foxton is a woman who tapes her chest, and glues a dildo to her vagina.

Quite similar to a transsexual.
Wow, is that a Reverse Foxton or just a really ugly woman?
by crazytechfan August 10, 2009
An excessively large knot on a tie. Typically sported by the recently-graduated, commission-hungry employees of a London-based chain of Estate Agents.
"Look at the Foxtons Knot on the guy in the racing green Mini"
by Pottsy February 17, 2005
Lop sided pointy hairstyle sported by illiterate employees of popular cnut shop Foxtons. David Beckham once had this haircut in about 2001.
"Yeah, I want to look like one of those trendy media types. I'll have a Foxton Fin, lots of product, the works. Have you seen my application form for The Apprentice?"
by Lupold April 15, 2008