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adjective/noun/verb/intransitive verb

to: behave, appear, sound, and(or) personifying, an imbecile or inadequate enough for social standards to overlook it. (vague examples: Donald J. Trump. Tearing down a Big School to build a smaller school for More Students. An ATM Machine thats Been Out of Order for 5 years and yet no one has done nothing about it. A Blind Bus Driver with a Medical Degree in Optometry. A Restroom with no urinal or toilets just a hole in the ground/floor).
an object of redundant mechanics by faulty engineers. (e.g. Rube Goldberg Machine).
(derogatory noun) to be genetically inferior in every way.
Politically Correct Term for a slow or limited in intellectual or emotional developmental person within the social circle.

a person of strange or extraordinary character.

Other Derivatives.

Foutness, foutified, foutfout, foutening,
You're friend is fout; he defecated in his pants and is washing himself with the neighbor's dog.
You're (being) fout.
That's (being) fout.
You're dog is (being) fout.
That building is fout.
That car is fout.
That car is being fout. (It could mean broken or running strangely than normal vehicles)
That looks fout.
" Foutfout" (A Mating Call which sounds like a pokemon on helium to attract other people who like to get fout)
Get fout.
Being Fout.
Too many people at this Rally, people are all here just foutening (expressing) their foutness (views) to their fout(Leader or Deity).
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by The Bat Weasel March 17, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
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You can’t get better than this. Fout means to find out or explore about nature, food or world.
Anyone who Fouts has greater chance to live life more successfully and is happy person.
by ImRas August 24, 2018
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Someone who while having intercourse likes to pass gas in their partners face after every time they change positions.
Only sluts can take a good fout.
Dude, that girl was such a slut i gave her the fout 5 times last night.
by don davidson September 22, 2007
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