refers to two things, in my experience.

1. a rhythm pattern where the percussive bass takes place on every downbeat. Common in house, trance, other forms of techno, disco, etc.

it is the opposite of a breakbeat, where the percussive bass can be anywhere, but is normally not on beats 2 and 4, and rarely on 3.

2. refers to a 4 speed transmittion with the shifter on the floor (as opposed to the dash or the column)
1. I dig that four-on-the-floor beat; it goes well with the bassline.

2. John wrecked the four-on-the-floor transmittion in his car by going 80 MPH and then quickly shifting into reverse.
by karl December 27, 2005
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n. Indicates that a car has a four-speed transmission, where the shifter is "on the floor" rather than on the steering column.
That old camaro had a 454 with four on the floor.
by fizzle April 13, 2004
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a sex act in which one of the participants is on the floor with both arms and legs supporting them.
It was hot as hell...I was standing above her naked body and I had her from behind and she had four on the floor.
by Daniels Tedson April 10, 2005
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Especially common in techno, an unaccented 4/4 time pattern in which each beat is marked with a heavy kick drum. This is desperately boring at normal volume but at club levels takes over your entire body. Usually sourced from a Roland 909.
"Driving round town in his Corsa, playing four to the floor German house."
by marcata August 14, 2003
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1) A strong 4/4 beat pattern used in techno music: i.e. "untz untz untz".
2) So incredibly, astoundingly drunk that you can scarcely stand up - that is to say, all four of your limbs are going to remain on the floor until you throw up or pass out .
1) "Man, this beat's a real four to the floor."
2) "Christ, she's absolutely four-to-the-floor."
by Jeimuzu22 September 5, 2012
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Four to the floor is a common beat pattern usually found in House music. Its a drum beat accompanied by a heavy base line, and maybe a looped sample of jazz, funk, or disco usually..The basic backbone of most dance music.
Go listen to a house record at you local DJ shop...
by Mario August 3, 2004
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