foreskin cheese is when you get back from a long day at the office and you whip out the loo rolls, lotion and laptop and decide to put on the hub. At that moment when you peel your foreskin back you get a bad stench. You look down and see a yellowy-orange substance know as foreskin cheese. Most people throw it away in disgust but I, the alpha male store it in a jar and/or feed it to the homies
"damn, that's some good looking foreskin cheese!" "Don't let your dodgy uncle see it or he will preform oral circumcision on you.
by Jerry McDonald December 3, 2021
(Noun) - The “cheese” stored inside the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.
I spread his foreskin cheese on my bagel, it was delicious.
by Yourmommyathotty March 12, 2019
Friend: ay yo man look my horse man
Me: aight
Also Me: Dude why
Friend: its ya boi Foreskin Cheese
by sliterthatdicker August 26, 2019
-(Noun) The thick, condensed, cheese-like residue that forms within the layers of skin between the penis and its foreskin

- Must have had at least 1 week to sit and gelatinize
- High quality Nigga Foreskin Cheese has developed mold, a yellow tint, and a distinct smell resembling the rotting carcass of a mouse or rat
NIGGA 1: Ay nigga I heard that u sucked Tyrones dick the o'er day
NIGGA 2: Ye nigga, I pulled back his foreskin and ate his nigga foreskin cheese. That shit high quality.
NIGGA 1: Damn nigga I bet he only let it sit for a week.
NIGGA 2: Tha fuck u mean a week nigga, he been letting that shit sit for like two months nigga.
NIGGA 1: Fuck that man, I needa get me summa dat nigga foreskin cheese right now nigga.
by Jamilkwon Johnson March 30, 2020