The Forbidden Fruit or Tide Pod is a delicious snack usable by all people.
Edgy Kid: Wanna eat Forbidden Fruit in class later Jimmy.
Teacher: Don’t those contain bleach and detergent?
Jimmy: ——————
by Roland Bates January 16, 2018
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A man who despite incredible sexual ability rarely engages in sexual activity to increase his desirability amongst women.
Sarah: I really want to sleep with Will I've heard he's amazing in bed
Emma: But he hardly ever has sex with anyone!

Sarah: I know, he's a real forbidden fruit
by Plop1996 January 07, 2013
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A sexy girl with really nice pussy and gives good head, and is bat shit crazy with a psychotic family.
Guy 1: yo I'm abouta hook up with Amaya later at that party
Guy 2: na yo stay away from her she's The forbidden fruit

Guy 1: wdym
Guy 2: her ex boyfriend broke up with her and her father put a bullet in his head
by This username is not valid November 16, 2016
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Mikey: Yeah, we broke up.
Dad: Don't worry about it, there's plenty more fish in the sea.
Mikey: Yeah 52% of the world is ladies.
Dad: Well son, now that you've tasted the "forbidden fruit" you'll be chasing your cock for the rest of your life.

*True story*
by Mikey July 23, 2004
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(n): The product of a difficult and dangerous sexual process, in which two fingers are sounded and inserted into the vas deferen openings, then carefully retracted out of the penis, pulling the testicles out of the body through the urethral opening. This act creates a fragile object composed to the two testicles, hanging by the the vas deferens out of the penis, known as the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit can easily be yanked off by accident, making it a delicacy.

Effectively a prolapse of the testicles.
After a long, painful struggle and many years of conditioning, Adam and Eve finally blossomed the forbidden fruit, only for Eve to yank it from her partner and cause the fall of man.
by Mr__P January 12, 2012
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A gay or lesbian individual who secretly makes out with or has sex with someone of the opposite sex. This is individual will hide their true bisexual orientation in order to fit in with the Gay and Lesbian community.
Straight Guy: What happened between you and your female friend last night? I noticed you two were drunk and were very affective towards her.

Gay Guy: Please don't say anything...Well, I tasted her forbidden fruit last night and now I feel strange. I thought I was gay but now, I have no clue.
by classymalikat September 09, 2011
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a word to describe tide pods, because people be eating them now.
who tryna do the tide pod challenge?
naw dude that's the forbidden fruit
by macy has too much clout January 21, 2018
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