A series of words used by middle school boys trying to sound relax and chill before kicking eachother in the balls repeatedly.
Jamie: Did you watch the game over the weekend it was sick!
Hayden: For real dawg that game was lowkey chill.
*sounds of agony*
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This is for people who can't spell "seriously?" Or "Are you serious"
Hmm, I can't spell serious, so I'll text him "for real?"
by Milfter February 9, 2017
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It is when something or someone is so real that it can not go unnoticed...
garrick: I am a furry and I wish for you to join me on my journey

lucas: you're delusional

garrick: no it's for real pharrel
by littycommitty September 28, 2019
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A phrase used when confirming a statement, but in a cool way
Jeff: did you hear? Tom Brady got injured and is out for the season
Jim: NO Way!
Jeff:yea,For The Real
by Dogghades October 13, 2008
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