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The plural of footyhead, also known as champion. Footyheads are a bunch of boys who believe that they are the top dogs of the school. Footyheads come in large packs with several following behind them trying to fit in. These large packs have very broad shoulders and a very very deep voices. Keep your distance as if you look at them twice they will think you want a fight. You will here them chanting; lets go, champion, i back it and several other sayings. All of them have nicknames and secret handshakes. They are the best at every sport and know every player. They may also like to cause riots and loud cheers to show off to other males. if you are sitting next to them you will find them copying you as the are unintelligent. Beware they may jump and hit each other on the chest.
Normal Male: "look at these boys i wish i was just like those guys are so cool."
Normal Male: *looks at them again*
Footyheads: *the pack turns*
Footyheads: "wat you say champion, you wanna fight zanebruh get him"
Footyheads in back of pack: "I back it chief, swing bruhh you wouldnt

Footyheads: "nahhh you wouldnt champion"
Normal Male: *turns around* * walks other way* "nevermind footyheads are to cool for me smh my head"
Footyheads: "Take a walk champion"
by Ruebs2_ February 23, 2018
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or also known as FOOTY JOCKS, calling every1 else gay when they wear tight shorts, singlets and pull their socks up, grabbing each other by their asses.

typical place to find at the local pub/bar or on a party bus on a friday/saturday night doing a pub craw in a big group trying to pick a fight with 1 person cuz they are all so weak.

trying their hardest to pick up any girl, then if not succsessfull the date rape drugs come out and the next morning all over the news headlines.
bloody footy head (footy jocks), noisy, rowdy, bunch of loosers, u look at them twice they get parronoide and think u wanna start a fight.
by footy jocks August 14, 2006
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one who chooses to live their lives according to a game that is generally homophobic but bases its play on men in small pants diving all over each other in the hope to grab hold of a small odd shaped ball.
a jock.
trent mccudden is a footyhead
by ryan July 23, 2003
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footy head - dicks,unintelligent,moronic,bitches,wana be,try hard losers who grab each others balls while thinking they r good at sport and girls. this is not everyone that plays footy as most of them are cool. dick fucks.
Harry Dawson and casey akinson
"haha ratty"
hahahahahahaha ...................Footy
.........hay...........Footy" etc."im a dick nob"
by James November 22, 2004
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