(adj) - Drunk, esp. to the point where one can no longer be embarrassed. Derived from the combination of "fucking" and "ooshed"
Alex: Did you puke on that guy at the bar last night?
Judy: Who cares? I was fooshed.
by beekthafreek October 7, 2013
The action marks preceding a logo or cartoon character as it runs. It is the onomatopoeia of these action marks.

The UCSD improv comedy team is named for these marks. This is not an acronym.
The logo for the LA Clippers has action marks preceding the basketball. These are foosh marks.

"It's like the word itself is running. It's like, foooooosshhhh!"
by Mark Monaghan February 11, 2008
A highly caffeinated mint that can keep you up all night studying for midterms and finals.
I'm gonna take me some Foosh before studying for chem.
by mmmfoosh May 26, 2007
In going to the bathroom to eliminate a stool but it comes out as a liquid ( diarrhea ). The sound of falling water makes a fooshing sound.
Foosh, fooshing, fooshed ,

Lately every time I eat I have to foosh. Somethings wrong with my system I’ve been fooshing all day. I feel better now, I just fooshed.
by A.H.W.S. July 28, 2021
Spelled Foosh or Fush
The correct spelling and pronunciation of the common misspell and common mispronunciation of fish
by Foosh not fish December 20, 2019
The act of massaging the butt cheeks during sexual intercourse.
by MCjizzy May 23, 2009