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When playing fooseball, instead of simply stopping the opposing player's shot, you take a shot as the ball is coming at you, scoring immediately. The worst way to get scored on.

It usually happens when a noob tries to shoot from the back row.
Noob: "Check out this shot from the back."


Me: "Damn son, you just got foosed!"
by B.Faced February 19, 2008
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to rest. stop.

comes from that thing that happens when the fooseball on the table stops in one of those spots where it can't be hit.
i have the weekend off so i am just going to let it foose
by Jesse Colburn January 21, 2009
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technically the word foose is a cross between the word moose, and fox, this however has no real grounding on the term.

the term "like a foose"(which is really the only acceptable use of the word) is really an evolution/complete maiming of "like a fox" ie 'cunning like a fox'

the word is used to decribe an action that is good/crazy/exciting/not quite right/well anything, and is used as a rebuttle/agreement to any comment passed towards you or actually towards anybody in the general area (best effect when towards complete strangers)
person 1: im going to jump off a cliff
person 2: LIKE A FOOSE!!!

person 1: ah! somebody just threw up on me!
person 2: LIKE A FOOSE!

person 1: wow guy, your face looks messed up
person 2: LIKE A FOOSE!!

person 1: your face is stupid
person 2: LIKE A FOOSE!!

person 1: hey can you give me a hand over here?
person 2: LIKE A FOOSE!!
by pheonex October 08, 2005
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to fart (v)
a fart (n)
you always foose so loud after eating nachos and rootbeer.
by plum pudding November 26, 2003
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