The female version of goof.
A girl who thinks she is the shit of all shit when in reality she is nothing but a useless cunt that everyone hates.

She's a girl who also goes out of her way to harm her friends and doesn't care about family.

A girl who birds, tells stories, tells peoples secrets ,"throws people under the bus" but when caught and approached later she completely denies it all
"Meg told Ivy everything we all planned, what a foog! "
by MrsRabbitxo June 07, 2016
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See Also: goof
1. "Haha" "LOL"
2. equivalent to "fuck"
1. chick: "...to get to the other side!"
guy: foog!
2a. simpleton: That is foogin' awesome!
2b. dude: Foog you! Foogoff!
by Adrian June 02, 2003
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large whale penis, also located on mr. guns and/or mr. beefstick's body below the the U and the V.
by Ms. MyBooty May 29, 2006
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