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noun. A woman who doesn't care what food she puts inside herself so long as it fits in her mouth.
Patty eats deep-fried Twinkies because she is a foodslut and is addicted to the cream-filling.
by shegavemydickpinkeye! January 25, 2011
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Someone who dates exclusively for meals and after getting wined and dined to their satisfaction gives the purchaser of their expensive dinners sex.
Bob has taken Diane to dinner at Morton's 5 times this week, and she doesn't even like him. I think she is a food slut.
by rps April 01, 2006
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a person that eats so much you swear someone's paying them.

they are usually really fat from all that food intake.

the person has no life and has never had sex but starts seeing her food as her boyfriend.
Sofia: ugh Elena is SUCH a foodslut!
by peterisawhore May 05, 2010
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someone with a disgustingly unnatural appetite; someone who scarfs down a large amount of food in under a minute
Wow, that kid just ate 4 McDoubles in like 2 minutes. What a food slut.
by i am such a food slut May 11, 2009
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1. a fat slut
2. the people who consistently eat the buffet at dominos
3. a growing percentage of america
Man: I just thought you were some random foodslut.
Woman: I'm not a fucking foodslut.

Man: The surgeon general has just issued a new study that indicates the percentage of foodsluts in America is on the rise.

Child(slang): But mom, I don't want to go to that camp - only foodsluts go to that camp.
by Josh November 27, 2003
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A food slut is someone that always for gets their lunch or their own food so they always ask for food from you
Robyn: "Josh always asks me for food"
Caitlyn:" He's a food slut"

Also known as a food whore.
by rixie13 June 09, 2015
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Someone who is always DTE (down to eat)
You hungry?

Not really. I already ate, but you know I'm down for dinner number two.
You're such a food slut.
I know, but it's why I make such good company.
by auntdanny April 12, 2016
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