A good band that travels the world, holding concerts whilst fighting the foo
-He's fighting the foo!
-Really? Who are you cheering on?
-The foo!
by Jahve October 03, 2004
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one of the best bands ever.were formed after kurt cobain died
the foo fighters albums are:foo fighters,the colour and shape,there is nothing left to lose,one by one,in your honer,and echos,silence pataince,and grace
by futuramafan March 17, 2008
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1. A fairly popular band.

2. A phenomenon occuring to some planes during World War 2, and named for a popular comic strip at the time. Some attribute them to being extraterrestrial, but foo fighters were probably something very similar to "St. Elmo's Fire," a naturally occurring electrical phenomenon.
"Where there's foo, there's fire."
-some firefighter from the comic strip responsible for the term "foo fighters"
by bobo the goat May 17, 2006
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The last true rock band. Seriously, they making great music. Fronted by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl
- Dave Grohl is such an awesome musician, the Foo Fighters rocks!
by Rocker21 June 29, 2010
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A corporate whore sellout band that makes bland generic radio friendly stadium rock music for the masses. People only like this band because Dave Grohl is a 'nice' guy and because the media ingrain this bland generic band into everyones brain that has been affected with mass advertising. I have got news for all you corporate whores with half a brain, just because the band members are 'nice' people doesnt mean it excuses them from there bland corporate whore radio friendly music. And also who the fuck in there right mind charges $1000 for 'vip' tickets? And who even charges $75 for 'Standard tickets'? Wanna know who? corporate whores that wanna make money and nothing else. If dave grohl cares for his fans (only for there wallets) then why would he charge $75 yet alone $1000 for tickets? I know why, to feed the corporate major record label government whores with money and fill there bank vaults up. Same thing goes with Dave grohl and the Members of the foo fighters. Its all about money and greed.
Corporate whore 1: Lets go see a Foo Fighters concert because I have a plastic brain and cant think for myself. Corporate whore 2: Dave grohl is a nice guy so that excuses him from his bland generic radio friendly music and im gonna come to the concert with you just for something to do. Corporate whore 1: *takes a loan out of $2000* Foo fighters: we will give you guys a 50% discount off of those tickets. that will be only 2000 more dollars please.
by GG ALLIN XXX November 04, 2016
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