term used to describe things of or relating to somthing being "the shit". used to define forms of complete and total awesome-ness.
pizzle- "yo them shoes is tight son!
random guy- "fo rizzle razzle!"
by lexi pizzle August 15, 2007
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the little ghetto cult of mandurr and hammie; socal represent homies.
dizzam fo rizzle; represent, yo.
by Hammie September 12, 2004
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really have to piss

have to "piss for real"
pizzle fo rizzle can I use yo shizzle?
by riki December 10, 2003
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when experienceing something cool, or great.
Is also used alot at LAN-Parties.
damn! Rizzle' Fo Shizzle! Fo'yeah!
by Thor Mok February 2, 2007
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