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the homies aka the boys

better than homies
nigga: where you goin

badass: ima go ride with the hammies

nigga: dont you mean homies

badass: na nigga i aint black
by fadedasfuck September 28, 2012
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One who has great knowledge.
A juggler of several trains of thought presented by several types of people.
That hammie has the perfect response for everything....he is very wise.
by amnesiavictim January 07, 2012
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The group of Mexican kids who all sit at the same table and make fun of you in Spanish so you do not know what they are saying
Shut up you stupid Hammie!
Stop being a Hammie!
by Hammie Boy May 17, 2018
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an asshole and a dick who is totally full of himself and he has a narcissistic disorder. he thinks he the shit when really everyone hates him. he thinks hes better than everyone else. he wouldnt hook up with you unless your hot, a bitch and "popular" and loves him as much as he loves himself(which is a lot).
ew dont be such a hammie!
by athenaherazeus February 23, 2008
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