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when you at Wendy's and you in a rush, you get the "Four for four"
Friend 1: Wya
Friend 2: Wendy's

Friend 1: Can you get me the fo fo fo?
Friend 2: Wut
Friend 1: FO FO FO
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by yohomegirlwendy August 04, 2018
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A food choice on the menu at Wendy’s. Original pronunciation is “Four for Four”. Usually just called FOFOFO. May be heard from your band teacher or any black person in general
Wendy’s Employee: “Hi welcome to Wendy’s, what can I get for ya?”
Black band teacher: “Hi uhhh, can I get a FOFOFO?”
Wendy’s Employee: “I’m sorry sir could you repeat that?
Black band teacher: “ I SAID, CAN I GET A FO FO FO?!”
Wendy’s Employee: “One four for four, can I get you anything else?”
by lasagnaspaghetti May 13, 2019
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The sound that you make when you wordhump/word an inanimate object.
"Dude, that pole over there is so sexy... I've gotta hump it..."
"Go for it, man."
by sunburned September 14, 2003
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N. Two four day work or school weeks separated by a four day weekend.
These next two weeks at school wont be that bad, it's a fo fo fo.
by MV2011 September 03, 2010
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When you are in London, and you don’t want to say posh, because Londoners won’t like it
Do you want to go to Hilton to have some drinks? No, it’s too fo fo fo
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by Mintek March 26, 2019
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The act of two guys putting their genitalia in a girls mouth (4 testicles)
Yo Me and the homie finna give that girl the fo fo fo
by Lilbootyeater July 30, 2019
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