i love the game fnf (((((five nights freddy))))) :)))
by Noudele April 14, 2021
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Abbreviation of ‘Friday Night Funkin’ a super cool game. there are 7 weeks. week 1 you fight your hot gf’s dad (Daddy Dearest), week 2 you fight 2 spooky kids (skid and pump) from Sr Pelo’s spooky month, week 3 you fight a kid with schizophrenia with a gun, (pico) from Pico’s School, week 4 you fight your gf’s super hot mom (Mommy Must Murder/ Mommy Mearest), week 5 you fight christmas gf’s parents and a creepy lemon that wants to kill and eat you (lemon demon/monster) week 6 you fight a dude that was trapped in a dating simulator (senpai) and week 7 you fight the mascot of Newgrounds.com and an angry military boi (tankman)
You: dude, how are you so bad at fnf?
Yo friend: idk i don’t practice much.

You: well get better i can beat tankman
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by uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuw May 25, 2021
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flights not feelings
me: he cheated on me but it’s okay! bc I catch flights not feelings

friend: periodddddddd
fnf means flights not feelings 😎
by slatcity October 12, 2019
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Short for fuck and flee

When your partner has sex with you then leaves very shortly after.
Dude last night my partner fnfed me
by Samdroid August 13, 2020
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when you are too lazy to type Friday night funking, idk its a rhythm game? it got popular, idk why but cool
by someone else thats not u March 01, 2021
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