A strain of marijuana, weed aka cronic know to be one of the stickiest marijuana plants know to man. Rose colored buds with red, and orange hairs. Know to be of the top 12 America's Most Wanted Marijuana Plant. Others that made the list include Lil Stanky, Red Delicious, Angel food, K. Killer,Dutch Treat, Hydro-Skunk 420, Honolulu Rose (crazy looking!) sky Scraper, Old Yeller, Flypaper, Bride Of Dankenstein, and Purplectasy ( another fav.)
We gripped up that ounce of that Flypaper last night, and it was some fire ass weed
by Hitemup February 3, 2008
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Someone you can't shake off, even with the broadest hint like, "Go away." Usually someone who loves to hear him/herself talk, but sometimes a silent attention-puppy who parks in one of your chairs and stares at you.
Me: Help! Flypaper alert! Roberta has been running her mouth non-stop here for an hour.
You: Ha ha! Better you than me!
Me: Let's sneak out for lunch.
You: How?
Me: We meet in the men's room and wait until she attaches herself to someone else. Then run for the elevator.
by The Great Skullcleaver April 30, 2009
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Someone who attracts a certain group of people.
"I'm flypaper for freaks"
by StrayKat March 15, 2012
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Sticky fly trap; name of K-OS's song, "Flypaper". Flypaper (the song) can be described as sounding similar to "Crabbuckit". Flypaper can be described as really sticky and hard to look at when you got a bunch of ugly dead flies up there.
He hung the flypaper up and watched it every day to see how much flies stuck to it.

K-OS decided to name a song, Flypaper, which has nothing to do with flypaper. Merely a title.
by Josh Courtoreille May 5, 2007
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Flypaper sex is when you go glamping with a really great guy who gives you a chainsaw and you get really tired and he goes down on you during your work break making you feel “some kinda way” but also there’s flypaper hanging everywhere which makes you feel kinda dirty so you try to forget the whole experience by chugging a brown Riesling.
by Theglamperking October 23, 2018
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When, for whatever reason (tired, drunk, hungover, preoccupied, just not understanding, etc.), someone is explaining something to you and it's just not sticking.
I seem totally unable to comprehend what was just said. I feel like defective flypaper right now.
by DarthKiljoy March 5, 2009
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(Trigger Warning) Human flypaper is a leather couch that one sits on with full skin contact for a long period of time, when the foolish one finally decides to get up their skin sticks to the leather almost flencing them in the process.
Jimbob sits shirtless, his hairy back firmly planted in an insidious human flypaper apparatus of leathery evil while binge-watching "Sex and the City" for hours, then he decides to get a pizza so he stands up and starts screaming.
by hadoukentotheface May 28, 2020
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