Sex position in which the female is sprawled on the bed, face up. The man stands up on the bed and proceeds to wrestling jump on her, aiming for the vagina.
I totally flying squirreled this bitch last night. I missed the first 26 times, but it was totally worth it.
by grass itch November 13, 2014
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When your left testicle is stuck to the inside of your left inner thigh and your right testicle is stuck to the inside of your right inner thigh. As a result your testicles resembles the image of a flying squirrel's arms spread far apart with your scrotum and its skin being the skin on the flying squirrel's arms that droops down.
This happens often when you have been sitting down for a long time (like on an airplane or cramped bus/car) and your thighs, testicles, and scrotum start sweating and since you're so cramped and your legs aren't spread far apart, they adhesively stick to both thighs.
Person 1: Wow we've been sitting on this bus for 8 hours.
Person 2: Yeah both of my testicles are sticking to my thighs.

Person 1: Yeah me too, I've got the worst flying squirrel right now.
Person 2: Yeah I wish I could stand up and pry my testicles/scrotum off my thighs.
by yallreadyknowduke April 06, 2015
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The species threshold above which a veterinarian will likely interrupt imminent sex to answer an emergency call. The first known example was documented in 1977 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory when the attending veterinarian answered a call about a flying squirrel just as things were "getting going."

Species above the flying squirrel line could include macaques, bald eagles, canines, ducks, voles, baby robins, and, of course, flying squirrels. Species likely below the flying squirrel line include danio rerio, xenopus laevis, and drosophila melanogaster.
We had just snuck into the confocal room for a quickie when his beeper went off for some flying squirrel.
by barry mcsorely July 23, 2018
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When a person who has lost a lot of weight resulting in large skin flaps nibbles your nuts while spreading their arms wide, as if in flight.
I'm glad her gastric bypass was a success, however, bitch look like she swooping from trees and shit when she gobblin' deez nuts. She be giving me a flying squirrel fo' sho'.
by SmellzBellz February 23, 2017
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A person who thinks they can do something, but they can't and shouldn't
Zachari Halkias is such a flying squirrel and that's the tea.
by yeeyeegirl55373 May 15, 2019
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A nickname I gave my dumbass friend because she like trying to fly onto her bed
Friend: *jumps from chair to bed*
Me: see this is why your nickname is flying squirrel
via giphy
by Oo.Bean.oO November 11, 2020
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