(n) A hand-job where peanut butter is used as a lubricant. When the male ejaculates, the semen (aka "marshmallow fluff") is then mixed with the peanut butter, reminiscent of a fluffernutter sandwich.
I didn't know what she had in mind when she brought out the peanut butter, but then she showed me the "fluffernutter."
by WHAT29849 June 19, 2010
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Fluffer Nutter is the nickname that Cooper's Love gave him when him and his love both admitted they liked each other.
Cooper: Hey! What's up bae
Cooper's Gurl: Oh just spending time with you fluffer nutter.
by Gabe S. Itch January 06, 2017
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A blow job involving Jet-Puff Marshmellow cream, a girl applies jet puff to a mans penis and balls before proceeding to blow him causing him to fluffer-nutter
My girl just gave me a Fluffer-Nutter and damn am I still sticky!
by Random Ninja778 March 27, 2011
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When a guy or gal has farts while he/she has a testicle in their behind. A wooden spoon is commonly used to insert said testy into said behind.
You are having anal sex with your girlfriend. You use a wooden spoon to insert a testicle into her behind. The rush of air into the rump causes gas that she passes out passed your nut. When this happens it is a Fluffer Nutter
by Latvian Fin August 04, 2011
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A fluffernutter is a guy who blows their load when being fluffed before actually having intercourse. This word would usually be used as a negative nickname for someone spraying their warm gooey load all over a poor fluffer unexpectedly.
I was at a party with Kyle last night and this one chick kept fluffing us before we would bang her friends. He kept blowing his load on her before he could join the big game, what a fluffernutter.
by HJ8866 August 24, 2016
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Any sex act performed on a man designed to promote/maintain an erection without an ejaculation.
Example 1: "He was too drunk to get it up, so she gave him a fluffer nutter until he was ready to bang her."

Example 2: "Fearing scandal, the politician only let his interns give him fluffer nutters."

Example 3: "The fluffer nutter his boyfriend gave him in the morning drove him to distraction all day."
by suburbnsisyphus May 25, 2009
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