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a smaller music show (concert), usually in a DIY type of venue, were there is a lack of stage and large sound system. these types of shows, which are generally "punk rock" in nature, are more up-close, allowing a more intimate atmosphere between the band and the crowd.
"fuck this big-venue bullshit. i can't remember the last time i was at a good floor show."
by jamezzz October 09, 2007
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This is the goings on of the late night experience at Denny's, Norm's, Harbor House Cafe and any other 24 hour restaurant, this is where the drunks and crazies come to kill time while waiting for their buzz to wear off.
Lets go to Harbor House Cafe because their floor show is better than Denny's
by Spandy September 13, 2005
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1. A minor fight or fracas, usually in a drinking establishment or other place of public entertainment. The actual level of violence is low, due to the participants being inept, inebriated or both. Hence the incident is entertaining rather than frightening to the onlookers.

"I was in <drinking establishment> last night - there was a terrific floor show. Some drunk guy got chucked out by the doormen."
by Eighth of Seven January 14, 2007
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