a derogatory term for a physically or mentally handicapped person; a retard.

From British slang. Derived from "thalidomide" a drug available 1950s and '60s that caused birth defects.
What a dispicable bloody flid.
by ninjamanz August 8, 2009
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F'ing Long Island Douchebag. For anyone who hates long island 1. cops, 2. guidos (birds), 3. long island "lacrosse"
I got a ticket from a flid, I was passing in the left lane and he said that in long island, everythings backwards.

You see that guido??
Ya he's overly femanine for a guido.
Must be a FLID.

O wow.. one on one with the goalie and he dropped the ball?? FLID
by Rondieze February 11, 2010
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It is a Fucking Long island Dick. Usually associated and can be compared to a Masshole. An Egocentric lack of intelligence long islander.
"Why is tommy such a jerk."
"Becuase he is a Flid, he is the type of guy to go to your party, drink your beers and steal the cans to collect the nickel."

by Dan the man 84792 March 5, 2008
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based on flidish actions i.e licking out a 72 year old or licking out gash. flids can also be know as saul.
"what saul you ate a 72 year old, you flid@
by endless8804 January 13, 2010
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A temper tantrum. Used widely in the West Midlands in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s to mean someone was having a paddy. Also known as going ballistic, 'having a flid' meant the person was extremely cross. Usually used to refer to parents.
My mum found my cigarettes and had a total flid.
by EmmaH January 29, 2008
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