an ass whole from long island that thinks there hot shit but r usualy a bitch or a stupid fucker is a flid
by jets456 October 31, 2010
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When your a really weird and horrible specimen. Where you are so disgusting no one likes you for what you have done
You know Andrew he really annoyed josh, Andrew is such a flid
by I'm a real g October 9, 2016
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An uncoordinated gangly oafish person. Term is usually restricted to a tall, skinny male malco.

"Christ, look at that flids Peter Crouch trying to control the ball".
by MrEnus February 16, 2009
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A long poking implement usually found strapped to the head of a Spastic to assist them in pressing computer keys and panic buttons also known as Mong Prong
Little Timmy's life has got so much better since we got him that Flid Stick, he spends all day on his laptop now tapping away like a Woodpecker with Parkinsons
by Kingguff January 14, 2015
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Flid Corner is a meeting place in Trafalgar Square. London.
So called because a statue of a physically malformed woman
was placed on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.
See the term "Flid" also in urban dictionary.
Bruv 1: "Bruv, I has bin phonin you fer ages innit! You has
supposed to be her now so where is you bruv"?

bruv 2: "I'm at Flid Corner wi some of da crew tho like you
said bruv. AHHHH ! I can see you bruv look down
by the pond innit and stop lookin at the fliddies
by Bradley Pitticus April 22, 2006
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a training centre for young adults who flunked school.
see townie
by jiggy fat bonswala June 16, 2003
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