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commonly spelled flibbertigibbet
1) A capricious and unreliable person.
2) a flighty or whimsical person, usually a young female.
3) Historically: a name for a fiend, devil, puck or sprite.
4) Mythology: The name of a particularly obnoxious

apprentice to the Wayland (Weland) smith who was

so irritated by his apprentice threw him down a hill where he was changed into a stone.
In "The sound of Music" Maria is called a flibbertygibbet by the Mother Superior because Maria is out roaming around the hills rather than staying in the convent and behaving as a novice should.
by roisinf November 23, 2009
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damn,shit,fuck,crap.....a nice way to swear without getting into trouble
oh flibbertygibbet
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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1:An insult
2: a really kewl cuss word to use without getting in trouble
3: a word to confuse people
1: You flippin Flibbertygibbet!!
2: Ah flibbertygibbet I just got fired
3: "Do you know what flibbertygibbet means?"
by Hysterical Flamingo Lady August 09, 2008
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