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the act of licking, sucking, and or eating come out of someones asshole
I had a threesome with Jessica and her roommate and it turns out they are into fleching.
by top ropes May 30, 2008
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Scottish, Doric.

n. Flea

Can also be used to describe having a scratch/itch, to flech or fleching. The ch is pronounced like the ch in loch.

*This should definitely not be confused with feLch or feLching!
"Yer dug's got the flechs"

"Sare needin' to have a good flech, but a'body will think I've got beasts"
by Fannybaws92 April 09, 2015
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It’s like a cat or dog flee and if lands on a human it bites and it gets very itchy.
I Think i have picked up some sort of flech. . Scottish Doric word .
by Artwilbarn July 24, 2018
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