funny like Buster Keaton ; from the hat popularised by the music-hall and film comedian
that guy's funny like a flat hat
by Bipbebop February 05, 2010
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When a plane fly’s low to the ground at high speed. This is often done at air shows. The maneuver’s are exiting but dangerous. The military have regulations against this practice. Pilots have been known too break these rules. An accident in Italy in 1998 was blamed on flat hatting. A military plane flying at low altitude and high velocity severed a cable on a ski lift. The gondola 🚠 with 20 ppl fell to the ground killing all aboard.
Local residents have complained about planes flat hatting over their houses. The low flying planes are noisy and distracting.
by chucky lavinder November 27, 2019
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Affirmative response to a question implying that the “yes” answer was more or less obvious or just a simple “Sure it’s going to happen, what else would you expect?” Navy slang from the 1950s referring to the “dress blue” flat had enlisted sailors wore at that time.

You going out drinking tonight, Richie? “ “I hope to shit in your flat hat, I am”
by Tony Duhamel October 29, 2007
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The most retarded looking thing a human can wear on their head. Usually worn by teenage or mid-20something males to look "cool."
"Look at that tool over there, with the Flat Bill Hat"

"Check out my hat!" "Sorry bro, you look like a retard."
by Snarky48 June 17, 2013
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Although no-one knows the exact origin of the flat-brimmed hat style, a majority of speculation notes that african-americans living within lower-class suburbanite neighborhoods, or "ghettos", were the originators of the style.

Dually noted was its representation of struggle arising from poor living conditions within the lower-socioeconomic segment of society.

Unfortunetly, somewhere along the way, "Twats" or "Fake Ass Bitches" stole the iconic style, and began to showcase it throughout middle-class and upper-class societies. Notoriety for this type of "douchebaggery" was taken by most "wiggers", whom still to this day showcase this style amoung their "dirty-ass" peers.

In an ideal world, the flat-brimmed hat would be quashed, and represent a segment of history. However, this would only allow other blatent showcases of "douchebaggery" to take its space.
Look at that kid. I just want to punch him in the lips. Only a fake-ass bitch would wear a stupid flat-brimmed hat.

You are scum, because you wear a flat-brimmed hat.

What a fuckin d-bag.
by Timbur February 25, 2011
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