3 definitions by Tony Duhamel

Affirmative response to a question implying that the “yes” answer was more or less obvious or just a simple “Sure it’s going to happen, what else would you expect?” Navy slang from the 1950s referring to the “dress blue” flat had enlisted sailors wore at that time.

You going out drinking tonight, Richie? “ “I hope to shit in your flat hat, I am”
by Tony Duhamel October 30, 2007
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Dismissive admonition to leave or simply a negative response to a request. Most usually stated in no uncertain terms. Military slang especially US Navy from the 50s
Duke, could you lend me a hand?” Duke, “Go take a flying fuck on a rolling donut.”
by Tony Duhamel January 5, 2006
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A yeoman in the US Navy, that is a male enlisted sailor, who does clerical work and other office chores usually associated with female tasks.
Go see Ralph the titless wave and he’ll type the papers for you.
by Tony Duhamel January 6, 2006
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