Somebody who is really addicted to flashlights.

A typical flashaholic might have dozens of them; hardcore flashaholics might have hundreds or (in one documented case) close to 1,500 of the bright little suckers!!!
The word was coined a number of years ago on a BBS about flashlights.
Hey Josh!
Did you hear that Craig is a true flashaholic, with 1,497 flashlights, lasers, and other assorted things that flash, blink, or otherwise emit EM radiation in the range of 380nm to 780nm?
What a kick in the head!!!
by Telephony January 12, 2011
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A user of the Android mobile operating system that cannot resist "flashing" (installing something to the system partition, usually a different OS entirely) anything flashable they see; someone addicted to flashing.
It started with a simple fix for a sensor glitch, but now, poor Jim is a full-blown flashaholic.
by LeCrazyPanda November 08, 2015
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