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faggot; gaylord; homosexual; probably originnated from california
"dude, Maxwell is a total flamer, he had 3 flamers over his house last week."
by mgreendaybabe December 29, 2004
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A fag, A queer, most bitches all over.

Damn! Like every little fucker I see online or outside or on fire.
dude, don't touch my leg you fucking flamer.
You kicked it with Mae? whoa, you're a flamer!
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004
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A guy who shows an unnecessary amount of affection to his girlfriend over Facebook. Whether it be a message, a status or a profile picture of the two of them sharing ice cream.

Note - When the relationship is not going so well, a typical flamer will let you know... Via depressing Facebook status of course.
Guy 1 - "Did you see Dave's Facebook message to his chick last night. Some shit about taking her to Disneyland."

Guy 2 - "Sigh. The boys a fucking flamer!"
by Ronnie Red Coat March 28, 2011
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