Farhan And Fizza Is Best Couple. They are perfect and love each other. They will do anything for each other. Everyone likes them being together they are the perfect couple
Farhan And Fizza Are Great Couple👫
by Farhan And Fizza December 28, 2022
Refers to a BMW 745i car, as can be heard in many rap songs (Lean Back by Fat Joe for one)
Get the seven-forty-fizza we rolling out of here!
by bmwtuner May 9, 2017
She is a flower. She is a star. she is someone's love. She is a goddess. Somebody is worshiping her. Someone is loving her right now and she is in his mind/heart. He wants to give her love, wants to give her care. But she is oblivious to that worshiper. Dont know why. Maybe she knows but she doesn't want to admit it. Yes she is my soulmate. I want her, want to take all her sorrows inside me. I am ready to do anything for her. I will love her forever till I die. No one in the universe will be able to love her as much as I love her. I am living for her. ( with broken hopes) How do I work for the life I promised myself to give her? God.. tell her. God ... make her realize.
If I die I hope you (fizza) will remember me
by Your dearest October 25, 2022
the most basic bitch out there ( tbh wayyyyyyyy more beautiful than the painting)
the romantic sunset was about as candid as fizza last night.
by SK0716 February 8, 2022
Frozen pizza. Used as a lazy slang term for it.
-Yo dude! Can you grab me that fizza on the counter?

-No problem bro!
by thebestandtheworst August 15, 2021