the best thing that could ever happen to me. i love her sm. she's my pride and joy my BItCh My annoying uncool HOE
by hibaaaaR June 4, 2020
A happy-go-lucky woman that best displays a combination of composure and understanding specially in delicate situations. She will always have something nice to say and is considered a brilliant guesser, given a few hints are provided. Fizza's also love animals and like to paint in the out doors. An over all adorable person that loves to correct spellings.
Man she's such a fizza when it comes to being a good friend.
by ManUtdfann January 7, 2012
Meaning of "Fizza" ~ Sliver.

Someone who is an amazing person. This person is usually very friendly, out going and joyful. Always achieves success in any task or life. Fun to have a chit chat with.

Waiting for that one guy who would bring Joy to her life.

Always meant to shine in any occasion

Shine's better and even brighter with the sunshine
by Lov3r. <3 November 23, 2021
the girl that you love to hate. shes rich gorgeous smart and has a hot bod which is why shes a total bitch.
damn check out that chick over there!

shes a FIZZA, hot on the outside bitch on the inside.
by Ilovegrapeslol September 15, 2011
I’m going to the fish and chip shop to get some fizzas
Fizzas ( fish&chips )
I’m going to the fish and chip shop to get some fizzas
Farhan And Fizza Is A Best Couple. They are perfect and love each other. They will do anything for each other. Everyone likes them being together they are the perfect couple
Farhan And Fizza Are A Great Couple 👫
by Farhan And Fizza December 28, 2022