Fisker, L337 CS player owntizzle
fisker face!!!!!!!!!!This looks something similar to THIS q|^.^|p Only in CS but in real like its like that but only fisker and I can do that face cuz I'm MetroLa
by Stafu January 7, 2005
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Full definition: fucking ignorant, sexual kock eating rabbit.
1. Yo, you are a fisker
2. You have no right to say anything, you are a fisker.
by Steph and mari November 2, 2004
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When you try to impress a girl but fail miserably, but you keep on giong, but get rejected once agian.
I feel so sad for this guy, he keeps pulling off The Fisker
by Mark Ahlberg April 28, 2015
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The act of lesbians scissoring with underwear on. A safety version of the real scissor action.
I caught Jenny and Brenda fiskering last night in her parents bed.
by B Scribble November 6, 2012
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A failed car company that was founded by swedish watch designer henrick fisker. He sued Tesla and won twice but when his car was released it started to randomly exploding while driving or being parked due to the faulty battery packs.
Don't fisker the store with your tnt now !
by General Apple May 29, 2018
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