What happens when you've been fiddling with dirty genitals!
by kujo April 23, 2003
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When you poke someone in the vagina, and it smells really fishy.
Ouch! My finger went up Ellie's fanny! *smells finger* Errgh that smells fishy! Err dude. Fishy finger!
by Mollie Bowes. December 4, 2010
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A name commonly used for people who finger themselves and penetrate the vagina for sexual pleasure, usually used to be an offensive term...
Hey did you hear about Caitlin?

What's up with her now?

She's been telling people about how she fingers herself


Caitlin has Fishy Fingers
by weirdskankasshoe123 April 14, 2014
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When you sniff your fingers after fingering your hoe.
“You really should wash your snatch more often. I’ve got really fishy fingers now...have a sniff!”
by Redbaron February 2, 2020
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