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In a fight, a person may attempt to get his finger in the other person's mouth and tear along their cheek, thus causing the other party to submit.
Johnny took a wrong turn in trying to bite Mac's finger off when Mac fishooked him.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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Simular to the Donkey Punch, Fishooking is a sexual act.
When two people are going at it doggy style, the giver reaches forward and hooks their finger in the recivers mouth and yanks back on it.
The Double Fishook involes hooking both sides of the recievers mouth.
Kirsty, how'd you like a fishook?

No thanks Phil, I am not into fishing.
by cyanidemonkey September 25, 2006
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In Texas Hold 'Em Poker, a pair of jacks as your hole cards.
I went all in with fishooks.
by Coell May 12, 2005
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