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A term for reward that doesn't match up to build-up and or effort required to obtain it.

The term is derived from the Season 3 premiere of LOST, where an incarcerated Saywer spends most of the episode solving an elaborate puzzle only to be rewarded with a fish-shaped biscuit.
That whole season of Dallas was a dream? What a fish biscuit.

I worked 75 hours a week for 3 months to win the proposal and my boss gives me a $15 gift card to Wicks 'n Sticks? What a fish biscuit.
by Psychoag October 06, 2006
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The term made famous by the third series of Lost. Where Sawyer spends a large portion of an episode solving a series of puzzles only to be rewarded with a Fish Biscuit.

Also the same term was randomly shouted out by a certain individual who is obsessed with Lost, and also mentioned in an online conversation. Very possibly full of Omega-3.
"Hey you got yourself a Fish Biscuit! How'd ya do that?"
"I figured out your complicated gizmos."
"Only took the bears two hours!"
"How many bears were there?"

(As quoted by a certain D-T-D)
"But sir, isnt that causing brain damage?"
"Nonsense! This is low in calories, we'll sell billions and become MULTI-MILLIONAIRES! Not to mention the added fish genomes for extra flavour we added into it, BWAHAHA!"
"erm...nothing. Continue slaving! BWHAHAHA!!"
by MooseGirlLikesTehPie November 25, 2006
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A large fish-flavored treat used in zoos to reward bears and the like. Made popular by the television show LOST.
How long would it take for Hurley to eat an entire box of fish biscuits?
by swt581962 October 06, 2006
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