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faux hippie, one of those scenesters who thinks they live in the seventies. extremely liberal, but usually doesn't know shit about politics. thinks anything but atheism is fuckin dumb as hell.

see pretentious asshole
I decided to stop being so droll and spice up my hipster mullet with a few fippie braids.
by lizkaulitz June 27, 2007
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(noun)Someone who wants to be a hippy, but is a poser (fake hippy). Usually obsessed with the Grateful Dead and hippie jam festivals, these specimen range anywhere from 17 years old to 25. These people think they are from the sixties and usually are involved in lots of psychodelic drug use. You can spot them out by their ripped jeans and tye dye shirts, probably bare foot as well.
Hey Michael, look over there, that fippie is trying to make another drum circle.
by TrevorTheClever December 26, 2008
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a fake hippie. Usually found in the suburbs, swearing off everything that would make them look like they are conforming. Also, usually their parents make enough cash to buy them organic shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent and ripped up clothes resulting in a rather unusual organic scent.
"She's dirty as hell but she drives a BMW"
"Yea she's a total fippie"
by Laurel Pistey February 24, 2007
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A "Fake" Hippie. One who claims to be a hippie, but does not advocate beliefs such as peace and love, and natural things. These people usually just like to talk about, or pretend to be a hippie, becuase they think that the drugs were cool, or for some other silly reason.
Did you see that fippie? He just gave like 10 people the peace sign, then punched some guy in the face!
by noahah93 December 22, 2009
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