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When you're going to take, steal, or buy something.
"Shhhiittttttt. I'm finna cop that butter pecan from Culver's," said Alyssa.
by Khamrhin08 May 01, 2017
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1.When you want to buy something from any store. 2.When you steal something like boonk gang.
1. Bruhhh I finna cop dese yeezys cuzz.
2. Ayee dis dog cute how much it cost "$2,000 it's a pure breed" huhhh god dam $2,000 yall tripping man.*running away with the dog*!!! BOONK GANGGGG WHOLE LOTTAAA GANG SHITTT MAN KNOW IM SAYIN!!!! WHOLE LOTTAA GANG SHIT MANNNNN!!!!!
by P.Č.¥.Ń Armay August 10, 2017
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A retarded thug attempting to use the words "going to".
Yuh nigga i finna cop dat fidget spinner!
Boi i finna cop her virginity!
I finna cop 8 donuts for my fidget spinner!
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by TheCampingRusher September 05, 2017
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