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Other forms: fangalangus, fingerlinging fangalangin'

The act of orally stimulating a woman's clitoris with one's tongue while simultaneously "fingerblasting" her with one or more digits.
"So I was fingerblasting the shit out of Becky last night and it wasn't doing the trick, so I threw my tongue in the mix rocked some fingerlingus.
by SteveGee April 10, 2014
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The art of providing sexual stimulation by licking, sucking, and orally teasing one's fingers.
Suzy's expression of fingerlingus made me unsure of whether she wanted to perform fellatio or analingus so I teabagged her. It turns out she's a carpet muncher!
by dognheat May 23, 2009
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The act of acquiring human female vaginal fluids using fingers and orally sharing them with another person.
Always wash hands after fingerlingus prior to making a sandwich for your mother.
by Bobbbuhbobbob August 02, 2017
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The art of inserting fingers into the vagina or rubbing the clit for sexual pleasure.
Oh baby, I love when you give me fingerlingus. It makes me so wet!
by goldfishbowl February 24, 2009
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