Two money-loving, jewish youtubers, known for popular reaction videos such as "Kids React", "Elders React" or "Youtubers React" where they profit from other people's reactions. They recently tried to copyright the word "React".
A: Did you saw what the Fine Brothers did recently?

B: You mean those money-hungry, copyrighting Assholes that want to make Youtube even worse? That Finebros?
by CouldYouDefineThat February 11, 2016
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greedy men that copyright react videos because they think they own the react videos
1st guy: ey i like the fine brothers
2nd guy: dood the trademark shit
by genericstuff March 20, 2016
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To get double teamed by 2 Jewish guys with big dicks and big egos. You are to get fucked by them continually for 3 days, but unable to orgasm, as if you do you will get sued for copyright infringement. After the duty is done, you have to pay them charges for their work.
Dude... I just got fine brothered the other day

How was it?

It was amazing man, they were so thick... But I came like 5 times. So that was 200,000 dollars each. Hell though, it was worth it

Man.... I really want to get fine brothered one day too
by AyyLmaoFam February 24, 2016
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