what you get when the school financial offices f*ck you over! Often occurring during the process of taking your arm and/or leg for tuition payment.
symptoms include...yelling, cussing, gasping and then saying WTF? when you open your mail, the strong urge to egg the financial building, cobwebs growing in your wallet, eating ramen noodles for two out of three meals for the day, etc.
When one visits the student loan department, one often leaves with a bad case of financial aids
by college owns my soul February 6, 2010
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1.what the middle class cannot get and therefore, they are screwed when they need to go to college. Middle class is toor poor for ai, but not rich enough to afford it.
Damn! I worked so damn hard to get into NYu, and now I can't afford it. WTF?
by hithere April 25, 2005
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THE biggest pain in the ass, tedious governemnt program possibly ever. Designed to discourage the poor from going to college. Full incompetency among government and college-employees is exhibited in the process of dealing with financial aid.
Anrgy broke college student: "After re-filling out my twelve page FAFSA, they made me re-do it because they got my social security number mixed up. That was just the beginning of my issues with fucking financial aid."
by Alyse T. January 5, 2009
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The highest amount of financial aid one can receive for tuition for a private high school
"I hear Olivia's parents voted for Obama, I'm surprised she can afford to go to Kent Place School"
"She can't, she's on financial aid steroids"
by TheBoi1128 May 19, 2013
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