Filotimo (or Philotimo) is best understood as ones responsibility to himself as a human being to always act in accordance with righteousness and honor. Even if ones wealth, safety, freedom, or even life is at peril, one that lives by this virtue will always choose to do the right and honorable regardless of consequence. The idea of filotimo goes beyond the idea that one needs no motive to act in good faith and for a good cause, and suggests that for a sentient being, right and honorable actions should be the only acceptable behavior. It therefore requires a universal (or at least well-established) sense of morality, and a "golden standard" of behavior, which must be reached by all means possible, and by any sacrifice necessary. This term unique to the Greek language may apply to individuals, groups, or even Greek society as a whole, and may refer to any kind of action or behavior. Filotimo is often seen as the "prime vitrue". It comes from the words φίλος = friend and τιμή = honor.
Benevolent is the man who acts by filotimo alone.
by Thodor1s February 19, 2016
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A term that applies only to Greeks. Nobody else could ever understand it cuz theyre inferior (or stupid). Filotimo involves personal pride, dignity, courage, duty, sacrifice, and logical thinking. It is courtesy among others and ones self, and your duty to show respect and demand it. Only a person with true dignity and respect can grasp this concept. If everyone in the world possesed this gift, the world would be a much better place.
Filotimo is a hard concept to grasp it requires logic.
by Ziggypopopo May 3, 2007
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Greek word. Does not exist in ANY other languages. Only a Greek knows the definiton. It literally translates to "Appreciate your Friends".
Ma kala re sy Giorgo, den exeis katholou filotimo?
by Stelios December 4, 2006
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