Usually ejaculant (cum/spunk/semen/whipped cream) usually used to fill up a female's crack
'I had a crack that needed mending so i called up my husband, using his filler, he mended the crack sooo good'
by Joeman May 28, 2005
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noun a filler is a term that refers to a sisters boyfriend that you also consider a friend. derived from the acronym F-I-L or friend-in-law.
i know we're down a guy for the lan party, but i got a filler whose got a decent system.
by Southpaw12 October 24, 2011
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(pant filler); a child that fills their pants; also used when refering to a bratty child under the age of five.
I had to babysit a total filler. It was horrible.
by charger December 12, 2007
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(1) A species of the mamal family often found frequenting a drinking hole near Marine base Miramar in San Diego. Uses alchohol as an excuse to swallow dreams and place Marines in need of STD testing. Differs from Yuma Yummy by geographic location but similiar in nature.
I found a filler for my sexual needs...now she wants to talk...WTF?
by MiarmarJetMech December 21, 2009
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A person who exists to take up space. No one knows who they are or has interacted with them. Typically comprise 90% of a large college/university. Seen in smaller portions in high school and at work.
Person 1: Hey do you know, John Smith, that guy from our history 101 class?
Person 2: No, he sounds like filler. I've never heard of him.

Person 3: Who?
by Brono7 January 13, 2017
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