very influential song produced by 80's rap icon Public Enemy. been in dozens of films, most notably Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing.
"Elvis, was a hero to most. But he never was to me, he was a straight out racist muthafucker. It's that simple and plain!"
"Mthafuck him and John Wayne!"
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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A very influential song from the late 80s by the popular political rap group Public Enemy. Although the part about Elvis was unfounded (Elvis liked blacks) it's a great song, and a call to all true believers in equality and peace to fight for what they stand for.

You can pretty much protest about anything to it. Unless you're conservative.

See the video on YouTube.
"Those ass monkeys in the government want to go to war in Iraq over some bullshit about WMDs."
"Fight the power! Let's take to the streets!"
by ICanHazAbortionz? January 14, 2009
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An expression used by Nick Falcone, usually in place of "goodbye" or "see ya"
I'm ready for the protest. Fight the Power!
by Alifonte October 20, 2003
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