A group of people somehow smarter than fully grown adults
Fifth grader: What's 9 + 10?
Adult: ...
by anonym0u$e December 1, 2022
750 mL of vodka. Normal bottle size. It contain about 18 shots of vodka.drinking one of these would leave you belligerently drunk
"I just drank a fifth of vodka dare me to drive?"
by Thaking October 1, 2013
The most beautiful people alive on earth. Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Camila Cabello, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Ally Brooke Hernandez formed after placing 3rd in Xfactor. They are fabulous and there's nothing you can do about it.
"The sexiest girl group award goes to...*drum roll*......FIFTH HARMONY"
by Allinmyhead September 10, 2016
The day I will be doing my laundry or any other related event.
Wife: when are you going to do the laundry?
Husband: The fifth of never
by Jermine June 5, 2011

The right of Fifth Freedom, gives the person authority to eliminate a person(s) without any Legal or Governmental consequence.

1. Kill anyone without consequence.
2. Eliminate target with no hesitation.
3. To kill someone with disregard to Law or Political hostilities.

"Within the fictional world of Splinter Cell, this unofficial Fifth Freedom allows an operative to disregard any law, agreement, or framework of ethical behavior in order to accomplish his mission. As Dermot P. Brunton put it, "all means are acceptable." For example, the operative may kill in combat or by assassination, may torture or kidnap people, may deploy on U.S. soil, and may spy on other U.S. government agencies. Fifth Freedom is also used as a verb. To "Fifth Freedom" someone is another way of saying to kill someone." - Wikipedia, Fifth Freedom.

NOTE : The Fifth Freedom is unoffical, but many use it in war and in personal situations.
Splinter Cell - In the game Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher an operative of the fictional Third Echelon is commisioned witht he fictional right of Fifth Freedom.

It is also used in Noam Chomsky : The Culture Of Terrorism.

It is also stated in one of Franklin D. Roosevelt's speeches.
by Mr. Banks October 10, 2006
The fifth of a galon or 750 ml of a liquor called Hennessy which is made in France ( cognac)
I can drink a whole Hennessey fifth, some call thata problem but I call it a gift
by Pato P. November 27, 2006
A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within. A fifth column can be a group of secret sympathizers of an enemy that are involved in sabotage within military defense lines, or a country's borders. A key tactic of the fifth column is the secret introduction of supporters into the whole fabric of the entity under attack.
Bobby: Not ironically, Fifth Columnist rhymes with Filthy communist.
Joe: You got me there, Bobby, I have no idea.
Bobby: Yeah, right.
by Chaotic_Neutral May 10, 2012