Field hockey is an illegitimate “sport” that is played by unathletic girls who can’t play real sports.

Field hockey players are typically referred to as pussies because there is virtually no contact in this game yet there are so many precautionary measures.

Field hockey players like to think that their “sport” is the lovechild of soccer and hockey, but they fail to remember that soccer is the world’s most popular sport and requires their players to be completely physically fit. They also fail to remember that hockey requires skill as it is on ice and it is somewhat difficult to skate on its own.

Another reason for its illegitimacy is the fact that the players wear *skirts. Female soccer players, basketball players, softball players, volleyball players, swimmers, gymnasts, and so many other real sports wear shorts, pants, spandex, suits, but no skirts.

Field hockey earns its place next to ultimate frisbee, bowling, and golf as a wannabe sport.

*Yes, I am aware that most female lacrosse players wear skirts, but lacrosse is a Native American tradition, and should not be a competitive sport.
Field Hockey Player: Wow! I just finished the most intense field hockey practice we’ve had all season! We just ran three miles!
Soccer Player: Wow, what a good, refreshing warmup! When does your real practice start?
by hugsnotdrugs420 December 21, 2017
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Has nothing to do with the amazing sport of hockey (well, it is called hockey, played with sticks, has the same goal and more or less the same positions) but it isn't as cool as real hockey.

It's a very preppy sport, and yet at the same time, widely recognized as a lesbian sport.

I don't play it, but I know some people who do. Only 1 out of the 10 people I know playing it are lesbians...still that's higher then most sports...
Greg- 'Look, it's a lesbian,'

Nancy- 'Yes, she's the Field Hockey team,'
by Moi May 31, 2004
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a sport designed for butchy females who have thunder thighs and act like dudes
john: yo who are those girls who have monstrous legs?

tom: they are girls who play field hockey

john: fuckin butches..
by DFAC February 29, 2012
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A trendy "sport" among uncoordinated high school girls (Usually freshmen)played for activity credit.
Jessica said that I can get an extra three credit hours if I sign up for field hockey next semester, and that I don't need any training or athleticism!
by GiggleShits November 27, 2017
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