To prematurely ejaculate. Mostly used among male compatriots/ friends, in a joking manner to say you didn't last long in a sexual encounter. To lessen the embarrassment with comedic effect.

There are variations.

(1) Christ! I fibbsed out last night.
(2) She looks so good I think I she would make me fibbs
(3) Utter Fibbsulation, Pure Fibbsulation, Massive Fibbsulation.

(4) After I Fibbsed-out, the second round was mine.

(5) She wasn't as hott as I thought, I could only pray I fibbsed out and got to go home.

(6) Teasing a friend. " What a Fibbser "

(7) I hate Fibbsing
by Erskine August 12, 2007
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